Hey people. So I’ve moved to a new site for my blog. http://www.theavblog.com is the new site. I will focus more on film and TV, but I will still do the occasional personal diary style write up. Do check it out!

I will be moving my site to squarespace so that I can have my own domain and hopefully work more towards regular writing as opposed to how its been here for the longest time. Thanks a ton for reading my ramblings here! To continue on this journey with me, join me at my new site: […]

So, this one is more about me than an entertainment thing review or commentary. I recently got a new job, I started training yesterday and I think its a pretty cool job. Its at the Call Centre of my college and our office is tasked with fundraising for the college. I only recently developed a […]

You may think that the title is hyperbole, but it isn’t. I spend a considerable amount of time watching shows, and Mr. Robot just came out of nowhere with a truly mind-blowing first season. The show, produced and distributed by USA Networks, stars Rami Malek and is the cyber thriller we didn’t even know we […]

This is a funny little incident that occurred to me. So Ihad just finished up my homework and was about to step into the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down my clothes, tied my towel around me and proceeded out of my room to go to the bathroom. Before I proceed, here’s something […]

Not going to start with the usual, “Man, its been a while!! Here’s why I didn’t have time to do it… Because you obviously care! right?.. RIGHT?”. Full disclosure, I got very lazy during my summer vacation. Let’s leave it at that. I’m now back at college for my second year, ready to hopefully kick […]

Its been an insanely long amount of time since my last post. A lot has happened since then, obviously. I’ve returned home for the summer and apart from the mercury being twice as high as it was in Berkeley (like, say, 15 degrees in Berkeley to around 30 degrees here). Coming back here has been […]

Its been a terribly long time since I’ve been able to even at my blog, let alone write. A lot of things have happened and have set in motion. I just finished with my first final exam (It was Econ), and there was the obligatory feeling of finality and closure that came when I handed […]

Today, I thought it would be okay if I switched from my recent trend of writing academic level stuff back to the good old daily life stuff upon which the title of this blog was initially based (Yes! Blog trivia for you). Once again I find myself heading swiftly towards the end of my second […]

Today, I had the most interesting conversation with my English professor. Of course, by interesting, I mean highly intellectual-y stuff that would most likely be construed as boring. Anyway, societal-rants aside, I am assigned research paper to write for my English Reading and Composition class. I have chosen to deal with the famous and greatest […]