Entertainment today is truly fascinating, specifically television. Television is the only sector in the big three (Film, Television and Music) where actually good, original content is what is most popular and successful. Unfortunately, movies are seeing an increase in productions of remakes, spin-offs or other sorts of adapted works that stifle originality. Superhero movies-case in […]

More TV talk, fortunately/unfortunately, and obviously, spoilers for The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul follow. I was really impressed and happy about the direction the writers took in the season 5 finale. The way they had been building up the themes over the previous few episodes, it really made me think that a major […]

It appears that I took an extended sabbatical on my blog writing ‘career’. I guess it was due to the overloaded week before spring break and the anticipation for spring break in that week. Anyways, nothing much has happened since, but I am going to play some air soft tomorrow, I’ll write about that later. […]

Check it out. Drake Bell Live at Berkeley Underground March 6th. I also got the chance to spend some time with him talking and stuff… Check it and share it with your friends!!!

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m working on a video of what the title entails… I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my last Friday night at the Drake Bell concert in Berkeley as well as some face to face time with him both before and after the concert. Obviously I was extremely […]

Full disclosure: the title is an exaggeration. I didn’t really stress out during the last week or two, in which I did 2 midterms and a paper submission. In a sort of inversion from last semester, it was actually quite interesting and fun to work up for all of them. Writing is one thing I […]

Today, with a handy app I downloaded some time ago called ProCam 2, I was playing around and experimenting with camera work and cinematography (more of the latter). The app allows one to have complete manual control of ISO, exposure, shutter speed, focus and zoom and a bunch more of cinema-techno babble. I was just […]

Yes, that is right:more shining from a young adult who has been thrust into the world of independence and the consequent responsibilities. I find myself, for the first time in my life, actually complaining about the prices of commodities that I debate with myself whether I should buy them or not. I mean, before all […]

I just finished my first mid term for the semester, and I am quite happy to be able to say that it went better than I anticipated! It was Math 1B, and we had convergence/divergence for series and integration! That is a lot of ground to cover in a 50 minute test, for those of […]

I haven’t caught up with my blog in quite some time, but now that school is in full swing I’ll be more scheduled and less Netflix-y or reading stuff that isn’t for school (not lying, I do read some stuff.), I will get back in the swing of things. First off, the premiere for a […]