The funniest thing happened to me. 

This is a funny little incident that occurred to me. So Ihad just finished up my homework and was about to step into the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down my clothes, tied my towel around me and proceeded out of my room to go to the bathroom. Before I proceed, here’s something of note: the place I live in is this 4 room suite type thing. Which means there’s four people here who share a kitchen, living room and bathroom. So we have common keys to the main door and we have speedster meys to our individual rooms. I just stepped out of my room, having just done that same old habit I picked up from the days of living in the dorm: making sure the door was locked. It was only after I did that when I realized that I had left my keys inside the room. I was locked out and wearing nothing but a towel. 

As is customary, I panicked mentally. I couldn’t believe that I actually forgot to bring out the keys. It felt like dissapointing the school project group you’re in because you forgot to bring something small and important. After a few minutes of venting and self-loathing, I began attempting to come up with solutions. I was wearing nothing, my phone was inside the room and I was wearing nothing. That first and last part, repeated for emphasis, is important because I wouldn’t be able to go to the property management office to get the spare key. I once again went back to the “How c…. Why wo… How could you put yourself in this situ…. WHAT IS WEONG WITH YOU?!?!?!” routine for a few more minutes. Then it came to me that I could knock on the doors of one of my flat mates to ask for their phone so I could call he property management company. The gamble, however, was betting that they would be willing to send someone to the flat with the spare keys. It was a rather big gamble, since capitalism runs this place and expecting any sort of human touch to a place of business in America is… well, you get the point. Surprisingly, they were able to send someone with the keys. I explained my precarious situation to the guy who came over with the key to compensate for his trip with humour. All was well. 

I hope this never happens again.

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