Back to life stuff

Today, I thought it would be okay if I switched from my recent trend of writing academic level stuff back to the good old daily life stuff upon which the title of this blog was initially based (Yes! Blog trivia for you). Once again I find myself heading swiftly towards the end of my second semester at college. And again, even though it would be really easy to say that time has flown past, it really hasn’t. I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve been here (well, let’s be honest, most moments…). Living in the present is one of the most valuable things a person can do, it disincentivizes worrying about the past or, more importantly, the future and its underlying uncertainty. I’ve had the great chance to watch a great number of quality TV shows and films (both new and old) while here, I claim upon myself that I developed an acute, tasteful aesthetic sense (in college lingo, I’ve become artsy). It’s been so cool in my very first year, I’m just really excited and looking forward to the future! More cool classes, more people to meet, more actual scholars and intellectuals to speak to, all with the prospect of getting some more exposure to more hobbies, hopefully sports next semester. I’ve got some papers to write, some final exams to write and a housing situation to resolve and then I’m coming home again. (WE’RE COMING HOME,AGAIN!! As the legendary Green Day song goes). Yes, by housing situation, I mean I’m desperately looking to rent an apartment for the next academic year. It ain’t easy, especially in Berkeley…

See you tomorrow!

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