First off, thanks for coming all the way to this website… It must have been quite difficult coming all the way to your computer, reaching for the power button and then typing your password/fingerprint scanning/just pressing enter, I understand the difficulties Internet users the world over face, its pretty easy for anyone to write a blog, just open up any web development software and type in whatever happened to you today… There you go, nothing else to think about…


I’ll be blogging about everything that happens to me/affects my lifestyle. So that means you’ll see stuff like the latest US Visa policies (till i successfully get a student Visa), the race for the kings of England and Europe (football), being fat and why its exactly 192442532 times worse than being thin, among other pretty much pointless topics, school news and a bit of quizzing are the only meaningful things in your perspective you’ll find here.

I can’t reveal much personal information, this being a public forum, (I am not your typical post-my-entire-life-on-twitter-or-facebook kind of guy.. Its called common sense). If you know me, you know me. Hatred is reserved for the very wretched (so extremely few..) . The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. ugh.. I got nothing..

So I know that this was pretty short, but stay tuned for more from yours truly.


The Quotidian

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