Finals Week Begins, Gotham S1 Ends and I’m going home soon

Its been a terribly long time since I’ve been able to even at my blog, let alone write. A lot of things have happened and have set in motion. I just finished with my first final exam (It was Econ), and there was the obligatory feeling of finality and closure that came when I handed in the paper to the proctor. The academic year is about to come to an end, many good byes are to be said and at the same time I feel really good about coming home and hanging out with my friends from high school and family. (Not necessarily in that order, don’t judge me…) It has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling year. Looking back at the person I was exactly a year ago, I can see a tremendous change in me, I’ve become exponentially smarter (That’s not to brag, that’s to say that I was super dumb before, and now I’m relatively smarter), I’ve attained a decent level of knowledge of current events, become politically active (as in I know the stuff that happens daily…) and a whole bunch of other stuff. Going to college here has completely changed me for the better and I’m so glad that I had such an opportunity placed in front of me. (Well, I did work for it a bit though…)

Gotham ended spectacularly, with a nice tease to the bat cave at the end. I assume that is not a real spoiler because the bat cave is already known to anyone who is familiar with the Batman franchise. A bunch of loose ends were tied up, some Godfather-esque (in terms of family vs. family stuff, not the action or the drama) mob dealings occurred as well. Remember the “You broke my heart” Godfather reference in the very first episode. I feel quite good about the second season going reasonably well, even though some crazy over the top things have happened in this season (Fish taking out her own eye?! Really impossible and doesn’t tie in too well with her character.). Anyway, good luck to the cast and crew! Keep it up!

I’m leaving for home next week, back to India. But before that I’ve got two exams to write and some final matter to settle (i.e. the last month’s rent for the dorm.) Looking forward! See you next time!

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