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New website

Hey people. So I’ve moved to a new site for my blog. is the new site. I will focus more on film and TV, but I will still do the occasional personal diary style write up. Do check it out!

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review & Irony Amongst Us

Let’s get right to it. Words cannot express how glad I am that Brian Singer has revived the franchise with a near masterpiece of a movie. (Or maybe the reason I feel that it is a near masterpiece is because X3 was just so bad… Go away Brett Ratner!!) First Class was a good one, […]

My new venture

Hey people! So I’ve started this YouTube channel, and we just uploaded our very first video, do check it out and rate, comment and subscribe!

The End of School, UPA3/NDA and what’s ahead

I know its been a very long time since I last posted, but I hope you will excuse me for the fact that I was completely immersed in that debacle known as examinations. But I will try hard to make up for lost time. My life as a school-going student ended on March 22nd (I […]

That mixed feeling and Prakash Jha

So, we have our exams going on this whole week, (Mid Terms–Que the unnecessary tension…) and a terrible stomach ache prevented me from writing this Monday’s test-Chemistry… The feeling I had just added to the real pain I had (as in the pain i speak of here is a metaphor for.. Yeah, you’ll get the […]


First off, thanks for coming all the way to this website… It must have been quite difficult coming all the way to your computer, reaching for the power button and then typing your password/fingerprint scanning/just pressing enter, I understand the difficulties Internet users the world over face, its pretty easy for anyone to write a […]