Latest Job-Much more meaningful than the last one

So, this one is more about me than an entertainment thing review or commentary. I recently got a new job, I started training yesterday and I think its a pretty cool job. Its at the Call Centre of my college and our office is tasked with fundraising for the college. I only recently developed a lot of respect for this place because I only recently realised that our college, being a state college, has been receiving diminishing amounts of funding from the state for reasons too political to discuss freely without feeling fear (Pure statistics: the funding from the state for incarceration has gone way up while the funding for education has been going down; Plotting a graph for these two things would see two lines going towards opposite directions and crossing over one time.) Basically, the call centre raises substantial money for programs in school that so many students depend on for their student life. Things like the financial aid for domestic students, local bus transport pass, the student learning centre and other things receive a good amount of their funding from the money the call centre raises by making cold calls and attempting to get them credit card numbers for them moneys…

It is so easy to be in contempt of such a thing. Getting a cold call asking for money? That’s got to be a nightmare! However, I would advise that you slow down and think about it for a minute. There is an extremely pressing need for all of these college programs that pretty much all students depend on for their survival through college. The state ain’t funding it, they’re too busy imprisoning people, so where do we get the money? With no alternative, enter the call centre! We call all the alumni of our college and surprisingly, in most cases they’re quite helpful and are willing to pitch in as much as possible to give us some cash to get us through college. We get paid quite well, decently beyond minimum wage. Also, we get bonuses if we get more money than our goal for the day. There’s a whole lot of incentives for employees of the call centre, and specifically, a good range of incentives. It could be the pleasure of raising money for your college, or it could just be the fact that you get paid quite well for doing it. For me, its probably 40% the former, 60% the latter. The reason for that is because I’m paying international tuition anyway, and I am not eligible for those state grants anyway, but I do feel like less and less people from this area are being accepted to the huge college that is in their area, and that is totally because out-of-staters and international students pay top dollar to get here, and money is money, so… I’m looking forward to my job!

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