Long time… Let’s talk about The Walking Dead!

It appears that I took an extended sabbatical on my blog writing ‘career’. I guess it was due to the overloaded week before spring break and the anticipation for spring break in that week. Anyways, nothing much has happened since, but I am going to play some air soft tomorrow, I’ll write about that later. Now let’s talk about what has transpired so far in the number one show in America:The Walking Dead. 

It looks like the Alexandria chapter opened up, as many fans of the original graphic novel anticipated with the sudden appearance of Aaron after the show resumed. This saga in the show is really raw and organic, and it really reminds me of season 2 for some reasons. But I love this show, because it really does keep getting better and better with each passing episode. What I love most about it is the writing/screenplay of this season in particular. People may have qualms with the plot or who the writers killed off this season, but whatever be your preferences, you really have to appreciate how much depth this show has in terms of character development amongst other things. In the most recent episode, Rick almost became crazy. And it really reminded me of going on the level of The Governor’s psychotic level. I can take this point home from the fact that it was Michonne who stopped Rick with a blow. It was also her who stopped The Governor (the latter of course was a total fatality, as you may recall.) But since th episode cut at the very moment just after tha blow to his head was dealt(Not fatal, again!), I can’t tell what’s in store for us next week. This is a season finale that I am really excited for. Better Call Saul is going extremely well! It’s a Vince Gilligan venture, so there is no doubt that the writing is just top notch.

My hands are aching, I’ll see you tomorrow after air soft!

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