A night with Drake Bell

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m working on a video of what the title entails… I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my last Friday night at the Drake Bell concert in Berkeley as well as some face to face time with him both before and after the concert. Obviously I was extremely excited and anxious to meet him, after all, he did star in my favorite American tv show from childhood (I also liked popular dubbed anime like Beyblade etc.), Drake and Josh. First off, he wasn’t all celebrity-ish that night, if you know what I mean. At the hotel where the meet and greet was scheduled, he was just walking around casually without any ‘guards’ or bouncers around him. So I got to quickly talk to him, with an obligatory Drake and Josh reference, and got to film it as well (the video I mentioned I was working on). During he meet and greet, he seemed like a very nice person, conceding to the weird photo requests of all his fans there (some wanted ‘hug me, brother!’ photos) with grace. I could ask him about what he was doing nowadays, and when he might work with Josh Peck again. The concert was really great too. Obviously, he performed ‘Found A Way’, amongst other not so well-known among the crowd but well established singles from his albums. I’ll link the video here once it is done, which should be in a few days. Thanks a lot, Drake. You were a really cool guy to hang out with!

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