The post stress relief

Full disclosure: the title is an exaggeration. I didn’t really stress out during the last week or two, in which I did 2 midterms and a paper submission. In a sort of inversion from last semester, it was actually quite interesting and fun to work up for all of them. Writing is one thing I really love to do (hence the blog. However, this is a statement about quantity, not quality…) and therefore I really enjoy the process of developing an argument and drawing up evidence from places for it and fine tuning it all the way until submission. Studying for the mid terms was actually not so much for necessity this time. I’m taking an intro econ course, so a lot of things I’m learning in the course are very intriguing and intuitional. It is these type of things that people either get, or don’t, luckily I understand most of the concepts taught. Math mid terms, however, need a lot of work in order to arrive at them fully prepared for whatever the professor may throw at you in the exam. After a more than average times study session, I did the mid term and ended up getting a decent A-. Now I’m just relatively relaxing and working a good number of hours at my part time job, in order to keep that bank account afloat.

House of Cards season 3 came out 2 days ago, and I’ve already finished it. It was a spectacular journey with a greater focus on the political aspects than any of the others, and for that I give extra props to the show. There’s a scene or two that vaguely discuss the bisexuality of Frank Underwood more, and the interplay between the sexual dynamics and political dynamic is made into a bold statement, and the best part is that there isn’t any excessive graphic nudity or sexual display for all of this. It really plays out on the old saying:less is more. The ending is sort of a cliffhanger, so expect a season 4 to be in the works soon. 

See you tomorrow. 

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