My experiment with cinematography

Today, with a handy app I downloaded some time ago called ProCam 2, I was playing around and experimenting with camera work and cinematography (more of the latter). The app allows one to have complete manual control of ISO, exposure, shutter speed, focus and zoom and a bunch more of cinema-techno babble. I was just walking about my dorm hall, thinking about a subject to shoot or a thing to film (more like record, since film is definitely not for amateurs) when, suddenly, out of nowhere this idea about re-imagining the look of The Walking Dead came to me. I know it may sound weird, but as a self-proclaimed cinephile, it made a lot of sense experimentally to try such a thing. I thought about filming a single sequence in a Walking Dead cinematography style thing (extreme ISO, normal shutter…), but with a twist:in black and white. However, the idea for making it a black and white thing came to me after I had imported the file to Premiere Pro. (Don’t think too highly of me fiscally. I happened to get this for free as a UC Berkeley student.) I played around with the temperature and tint of the thing, I didn’t know too much on the subject of how to precisely execute something that I wanted to do in Premiere since I had never really used the software before, but my interest and enthusiasm just pushed me forward I guess, and I had a final product ready for rendering! It was a very tricky and time consuming task, I kid you not! It made me think much more about how much work goes into making a particular film or TV serial ‘look’ the way it looks (i.e. cinematography) Like Breaking Bad’s yellow-tint/dark blacks/POV shot thing, or The Godfather’s pitch black blacks/heavy temperature thing. More recently, I’ve noticed that Better Call Saul has some really great cinematography going for it! To me it seems more fitting than that of Breaking Bad with respect to the respective show’s cinematography, I’m not talking about story here. Anyway, that was my story, I think I really want to get into film now… One day, maybe!

See you tomorrow

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