The weight of responsibilities

Yes, that is right:more shining from a young adult who has been thrust into the world of independence and the consequent responsibilities. I find myself, for the first time in my life, actually complaining about the prices of commodities that I debate with myself whether I should buy them or not. I mean, before all of this, the fretting about money matters used to be my dad’s job entirely! Obviously, at that time couldn’t possibly fathom the significance and responsibilities one had as an earner. But now, with rent, phone bills and a part time job, life is quite interesting now. I won’t take the usual route by saying that everything is complete purgatory now that I have to actually think about money. I will take the road not taken… (See what I did there?) it’s a neat contrast to the happy go lucky life I used to have as a young teen. Now, when I actually earn money and buy something with that money, it means so much more to me and it actually brings a sense of achievement of accomplishment from the fact that I had actually put in literal work for the money I had earned to pay for that thing. There’s that cringe-inducing moment when paying your rent suddenly wipes out a good portion of your account, but there’s also great joy when the wages infuse your account with that much needed cash. I tell you, fiscal independence has made life tougher but interesting. Reminds me of a quote:”I’m not telling you that it’s going to be easy, but I’m telling you that it’ll be worth it.”
See you tomorrow

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