Exams/work coming in and the epic Walking Dead scene…

I just finished my first mid term for the semester, and I am quite happy to be able to say that it went better than I anticipated! It was Math 1B, and we had convergence/divergence for series and integration! That is a lot of ground to cover in a 50 minute test, for those of you who may not be familiar with those terms. I’ve been going to work much more than I used to, and obviously, from an economic standpoint, it is better for me. Moreover, I don’t think it is becoming a hassle because I’ve pretty much gotten used to having this job. Its quite fun, getting free food and working with friends. Other than that, its been pretty chill for me (that’s a Californian phrase I’ve picked up, unfortunately. I’m linguistically conservative, so I despise the whole abbreviate or shorten words concept for the most part.)

If you watched The Walking Dead this Sunday, you would know that Rick made quite the speech to our band of weary travellers. It was in this speech that, for the very first time, we hear the title of the show in the show itself. I present this to you as an opposition to, say, Breaking Bad, where we see the term used in the pilot episode itself. (Deduce what you can from that observation.) As a fan of the show, I was extremely ecstatic when I heard Rick use the words “The Walking Dead”. It was so much better than the “they’re screwing with the wrong people” season 4 cliffhanger, which was quite overdone with the whole camera switching to each and every primary character before Rick could finish his sentence. Full disclosure, I had to pause the thing and celebrate with myself I really love watching stuff by myself, since I can talk to myself about the show and voice the emotions going through my head without fear of embarrassment or disturbing my roommate, its quite fun to be honest, but maybe its just an introvert thing I still hang on to. The back 8 episode of season 5 are proving to be some of the best episodes ever written for the show, and this along with the introduction of a new character (straight from the original graphic novel, apparently), I’m quite excited for the show now!

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