The premieres and the going gets tougher…

I haven’t caught up with my blog in quite some time, but now that school is in full swing I’ll be more scheduled and less Netflix-y or reading stuff that isn’t for school (not lying, I do read some stuff.), I will get back in the swing of things. First off, the premiere for a Better Call Saul, mid season premieres for The Walking Dead and Gotham… All of them were wonderful, but the one that especially stood out this time was that of The Walking Dead. Greg Nicotero himself directed this one, and for the first time on the show we get an artistic, stylistic choice of cinema methodology (I might have made up that term myself, but you get what I mean), with the dreamy flashforwards and theme throughout. It was quite a refreshing episode to watch, the episode this week was also fun but served as a sort of epilogue to the previous episode which I just talked about. Better Call Saul was also a wonderful series premiere. Without spoiling anything, Breaking Bad fans would definitely want to watch at least the pre intro credits of the series premiere as it is essentially a flashforward (in the shows context, since it takes place 6 years before Breaking Bad) to a point in time after Breaking Bad… Need I say more? The cinematography was quite eye-catching, with a really colorful, funky color pallet used, along with a Godfather-esque scene with just dark blacks and a yellowish tint to the background light reflecting off the characters in scene. Gotham was a decent one as well, but is proving to be more episode centric rather than progressively following a central story arc. Each episode is interesting in the plot it has, but the central plot loosely progresses. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gotham, and the whole episodic way it goes works really well for it.

Unfortunately, that’s all I had to talk about. Just TV shows. See you tomorrow with more me stuff.

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