A day at the math department

My friends will be able to attest to this completely obvious fact, math is not my piece of cake. Not that I’m particularly as bad now as I used to be back when high school started, but I still need a month or two to finally pick up and get a really good footing on it all. So today, as if it were some auspicious day, I went to my math professors office hours. Now the math I’m doing this semester is not surprisingly harder best-level stuff compared to last semester, but my professor this semester has a unique methodology of teaching that strangely enough has conservative roots. You may have heard of such types of teachers, and they always tend to be the best ones. He has managed to explain to me the real process of deductive reasoning for mathematical problems, and how to convert some vague logic in your head into a ‘bulletproof proof’ as he calls it. I spent hours at his office, along with a couple of his senior honors thesis students who kept talking about math and other things society would label ‘nerdy’. I’m not going to lie, those people were probably some of the coolest people I’ve met on campus. Their attitude to their work was one of positivity and exploratoriness (not a real word, but you get the picture, hopefully). Most of them really were into chess, really challenging puzzle games and other highly intellectual stuff which they admitted was just stuff to show people that they were smarter than them. My professor solved some text book problems for us right in front of us so that we could get to see his problem solving process in action and hopefully gain some insight as to how to do better in the exams. On top of that, I got to know him personally as well, and that really is a wonderful thing in my opinion. I went back thinking that I hadn’t spent enough time with him, and I know eagerly await the next office hours meeting!
See you tomorrow!

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