Everyone’s on their phones!!

I was just recalling an incident wherein my dad was telling me not to be on my phone too often. This was when I had just arrived in the states and picked up my very first smartphone (yes, I didn’t have a smartphone before college, and contrary to the status quo, I am quite proud of that! Brick phones are indestructible and have an exponentially larger battery life… tangent.. Back here). He then went on a brief rant on how the millennial generation has become one obsessed with the superficial a lá social media. I agreed with him wholly, I’m not huge on the facebook game (as in I don’t try posing like a douchebag with sunglasses on just to get likes for said picture to satisfy some twisted need for appreciation superficially, maybe one time… But I’ve learnt) and I’ve seen too many photos of girls posing and a completely unrelated quote about life or love attached. This was all when I was still in Bangalore. Imagine my plight when I discover that there’s a whole new game here, and its called Snapchat. For those unaware, snapchat is an app that allows you to constantly update your ‘wall’ with photos that you take live and on the go, and it is insanely popular in the US. So, with that in mind, imagine walking around downtown seeing a sizeable majority of people whipping out their phones taking not-so-great pictures (mostly of themselves, aka the selfie) and attaching a one liner about what they’re doing or feeling). And to think, I thought Twitter was the end of humanity… (Twitter is not actually that bad, celebrities actually communicate with their fans and supporters through it, and that’s quite a nice thing for a platform to provide for those who would like to do that). I realise that I sound extremely old-timer-ish, but I think my argument still stands: that we as a generation are more susceptible to the superficial spur-of-the-moment non important things than ever before! Everyone’s on their phones either texting or social media-ing; a small portion may be gaming or something else, but there it is. Face-face contact is becoming so rare and awkward for us its just stupid. Hang on a sec, got a text…       😉

See you tomorrow!

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