Listening to the good old songs.

Today evening as I lay back on my bed, having completed my schedule for the day (class-wise), I picked up my phone and started to look up my music library for something to play. All the recent albums seemed overplayed by me to me, I had memorized the way the song would play out in my head without the need for my headphones. But then, while skimming through the album list, I found a good old one-Kerplunk!! Now this is like really old-school Green Day, and there’s a sort of raw power and emotion that grabs you right out of your place in the real world when you listen to this album. I’m not at all into the all-new pop culture of rehashed EDM music that’s almost always about sex for some reason, but criticism aside, once I found this album, I filled a void in my life at that time! It was now that I felt the same feeing my dad feels about me listening to any sort of rock music. But that was a generation in the order of decades, this new (and I can safely use the following adjective. I proclaim so) crap that’s selling so much makes me feel like I’m old-fashioned. But maybe that’s a good thing, because albums like Kerplunk, or even a stadium rock opera like 21st Century Breakdown, take you on a journey that progresses with every track on it. There’s a narrative in these that makes you want to listen to the songs for the words, not merely for the tunes. Oh well, I’ll stick to the “classics” now, they are much better creations of art than any of the stuff going on right now.
See you tomorrow.

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