First encounter with the US medical system.

I had my first experience with going through a doctor thing (extremely older times do not count.). It is completely different than how we have it in India. First off, the whole prescription/pharmacy thing is computerized! (Shocker for us, ain’t it). Each prescription has some sort of unique reference number and once a pharmacist enters that, the system returns all the patients relevant data and even tells them how many refills the prescription is for! Now back in India, all we had to do is just go to the pharmacy and show the same old prescription again to get it all again, since it is mostly written by hand, the prescriptions. Next major factor is the whole insurance thing, and this is obviously primarily for the US. Thanks to the student insurance plan I’m on, I paid just $5 for medicine whose retail price was $73! Now obviously insurance is very expensive and very necessary, but actually using insurance for something is quite a rarity (this is the first time) for me, so forgive me if I seem to overzealous of my using of a service that I my parents paid for. It was quite fun, considering that I haven’t really been to a doctor’s in a long time.
See you tomorrow!

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