The slow start of assignments

So back at college, if you haven’t heard, and semester has just started. We have been through approximately one week of class and I’m now starting to notice how the professors and section leaders have slowly begun to slip in some homework to us as classes have started to pick up on the course material. I’m not complaining, I welcome the beginning of getting to be productive. However, I’m finding it difficult to get back into the habit of things, especially since I’ve had the loveliest one month vacation in my life just recently. There’s this weird relation between vacations and school that I believe to be inverse, based on experience. I find that after, say, a long summer vacation, that I’m truly excited about learning new stuff and doing some homework and submitting stuff on time and everything. But after a short vacation, I find myself sometimes still stuck in the vacation mood of procrastination and I find the absence of responsibilities weighing down on me. ( kind of ironic, the way I phrased it, huh?) anyway, that’s some observational stuff for you. See you tomorrow!

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