Back Home & This Strange Alienation

After a modestly pleasant first semester at Berkeley (Ok, I’ll admit it, it was freakin’ awesome!), I’ve finally found myself back home on the other side of world (relative to Berkeley), spending my hiatus by complete relaxation and entertainment via my good old PlayStation 3 and Netflix. The first strange sense came to me when I looked at myself at the mirror inside the room that once used to be mine; I could immediately see a difference in my physical appearance, however minor it may have been, when I saw my reflection in the very same mirror I have used ever since 1st Grade (unless it has been replaced for breakage or something…). Why I never noticed it through college I don’t know, but I did notice it as described. The best part of coming back home for the break is that complete absence of responsibility that hit me upon arrival. I guess I’ve been so used to being in constant work-mode while at home before vis-a-vis school work, chores and other things, but now that I’m here my mother is just being super-nice and kind to me and treating me almost like a guest. The result-no major responsibilities while at home; I guess this is the first real vacation I’ve ever been able to be the recipient of (We’ll see how it eventually turns out). It also turns out to be, to one degree or another, a form of alienation. I’ve never been in such a situation wherein I’m at home and am able to do absolutely (pretty much… A couple of minor errands here and there don’t really count) nothing productive for the household or for myself. Personally, I count watching shows and movies as productive for countless reasons, but my father disagrees, and let’s leave it at that.(He calls it GTP – General Time Pass… It is a point of great debate between us.)  Overall, I’m pretty glad to be home, and I look forward to getting back with my high school friends very soon.

See you tomorrow

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