Studying more, and a startling discovery

I’ve probably shared this with some people, but while I was engrossed in the Physics for Future Presidents course material (it’s a physical science breadth course that reinforces fundamental key concepts every president should know, apparently), in the chapter about nukes and reactors, I found that UC Berkeley was a major part of the Manhattan Project. It was by E. Lawrence’s centrifuge machine design that almost all of the U-235 that was in the Little Boy nuclear bomb was created. It was both terrifying but legendary at the same time. To know that the university I attended played a major part in an event that would go on to shift the power of the globe’s nations is astonishing. But the ramifications were devastating, as you probably know. So we have a huge history! Both good and bad, but both sides have gone on to influence the course of history globally. Pretty humbling in a way, but also a thing of pride at the same time. Oh well, back to it now. Just one week and I’ll be done with my first semester of college.
See you tomorrow!IMG_0324.JPG

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