The day of work, study and relaxation

The events of today were in that exact order. I got up in he morning and studied for a decent amount of time, then I had a shift at work for a good 3 hours, then I plopped down on my bed and gave both my back and my brain the rest it needed. Also, I had to look at some international roaming plans for when I get to India, I still don’t know if I would need one, but in the eventuality that I must receive a text or call from here whilst in India, the charges without a plan would be enormous. Anyway, the study schedule looks to be going ok. I’ve got more Math to do and also some reading for Physics and African American studies, and then I’ve the ultimate test of the semester (over exaggeration intended.) Again, I can’t wait for the end of the semester and finally going home for more than 3 weeks. The protest here looks to be subsiding, yesterday it was a peaceful march that went by right in front of our dorm hall, and it was a magnificent spectacle to see. Tomorrow I hope to do a LOT of math, hopefully finishing up with it completely. Let’s get this first semester done with successfully.
See you tomorrow.IMG_0309.JPG

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