More looking forward to the end

The last week of class starts in a couple of day. We are within dead week, the week of complete freedom before the whole exam week thing gets going. Really looking forward to going back home after the last exam. Can’t wait to get home and go back to my school and talk to friends and teachers about my experiences. Best part of it all is no holiday homework of an sort as we had been subjected back in the days of school. Really destroyed the purpose of vacations, but that’s all over, so I’d rather not complain. Bottomline: a good time off is ahead. I’ve been working my way through the course material; it hasn’t been a short thing, but it isn’t a hard thing to do. The professors even conduct these things they call reviews where they tell you what parts of each chapter are important. Obviously, this is huge compared to the pre exam prep I would get from school, but again, I’m not complaining. I am looking forward to the end of the exams.
See you tomorrow!

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