The planning for the return

Today I spent a fairly good amount of time thinking about my plans for returning home. Within 2 weeks, I will be done with all my final exams and I will be on my way back to India to spend the vacation with family and friends. The biggest problem to solve today was what to take and what to leave behind in the room. We are allowed to leave stuff in the room through the winter, and we can keep the key as well. That freedom comes along with a burden of responsibility; We have to make sure that there isn’t any stuff hanging on the doors, we have to clean up the room with a vacuum cleaner (for real! They are even sending checkers of some sort to confirm that our rooms are clean for the shut down period of the residence halls.) And toughest of all, and this goes only for international students, we have to plan what to pack for home and what not to (or if you’re not going back, you have to plan how you’re going to find housing for a month and how you’re going to take all your belongings to that room and back just for a month…) Its really hard, because I have accumulated quite a lot more than I came to this great nation with (sarcasm or not, its for your interpretation). Books, a few clothes and some college memorabilia. You may believe that I may be exaggerating this whole thing, and you are entitled to that opinion, but when I was thinking about the whole process it was just too much to think about at the time, with exams looming around the corner. The Berkeley protest rages on even today; There was a pretty large crowd of peaceful protesters who passed by right in front of our dorm hall with a whole bunch of slogans to chant: “I can’t breathe”, “No justice, no peace”, “Remember Michael Brown”, etc. The good thing is it was completely free of looting and craziness as far as I could see today. Sunday night was looters paradise apparently, if the newspaper reports are true. Anyway, I have lots of stuff to do, study and planning: those are my priorities now.

See you tomorrow!

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