Hillary-2016 has already started!

Hillary's already begun her campaign!!

Hillary’s already begun her campaign!!

I went this morning to talk to my professor about the impending exam, and about more recent events (protests, etc. ), and on my way I found this bus parked right on the intersection. At first, I really wasn’t sure if it was some sort of complicated satire, but it turned out to be real; Hillary Clinton has begun her 2016 presidential campaign, in 2014. First off, I’m going to go ahead and put my opinion out there-its sort of over-confident. “Ready for Hillary”? Its not like she’s already on her way, this is supposed to be an election campaign, not a victory march. That’s just me, of course. I’m on the side of the Democrats, as always, because it is my personal belief that the right wing shouldn’t even be a thing here. India, of course is a different story. The BJP is a conservative party, it is THE party we all wanted for our nation for many reasons that need not be elaborated (bottomline: The Congress Party are terrible, scamming, self-obsessed and weren’t even able to gather enough seats in the Parliament to be officially recognised as the opposition party.). In America, however, progressivism and liberalism are much needed-in light of the recent killing of Black men by policemen who will not even go to trial for what they might have even been caught on camera for doing. There was one very pathetic comment by one Republican whose name eludes me, but he said that if only Eric Garner was not an extremely obese man, this whole thing would not have happened. Yes, even when a man is caught on camera killing a black man, the black man is always to blame-even in the stupidest, most pathetic arguments. Oh well, hopefully Hillary will win and whip Congress into actually passing bills, like its supposed to.

See you tomorrow!

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