The beginning of exam preparation

Today, after an admittedly relaxation-spent day, I began revisiting course material for ally my courses’ final exams that take place late next week. As I’ve said before, I feel quite confident because I have been really taken into the course material in all of my courses, and being so much into it has resulted in me being able to recall things the professors mention in lecture without considering my lecture notes. All the while, the protests at Berkeley continue along Shattuck on this third day. Obviously not in the same affect as on Saturday, where police locked down downtown Berkeley like it was a small town somewhere in the remote Middle-East. The military gear donned by most of the officers on the scene was frankly terrifying, both superficially and in a deeper sense. Superficially, it looks terrifying (very similar to Bane’s vest and mask), and if one thinks deeper, it becomes obvious that they haven’t really been trained in the use of the military grade equipment that they frolic around with like kids who just got new toys for their 10th birthday. The famous photograph from Ferguson of an African American man with his hands up facing a battalion of police officers dressed in full military grade equipment pointing their weapons at the man. Even I knew (from my interaction with First Person Shooter games and the subsequent interest it generated in me for related fields) that you simply aren’t supposed to point an assault rifle at someone unless you are really ready to pull the trigger! Some cops were also in jeans and chinos, with “POLICE OFFICER” shirts quickly put on them, I’m assuming that they were quickly pulled of duty or they didn’t have enough military grade equipment to pass around to everyone. Either way, the police were simply not qualified or trained enough to handle the situation properly, which they didn’t. That went off topic quickly; Bottomline: I’m ready to get my first semester at college done with by getting by these exams best as I can.

See you tomorrow!

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