The One Free Day Before I get on ‘The Train’

Today was the one day I had literally nothing to do. I have exams that start in about 2 weeks, but I have everything planned out study-schedule wise. The most helpful fact of all is the fact that I’ve been very punctual attending all my lectures and section classes, so it feels like I have all of the course material in my head. All I need is a good revision of everything I’ve learnt this semester so that I can relay to whoever grades my final exam that I have learned something this semester in the respective class that I’m in. I spent a lot of time just sitting around in my room and thinking about how I’m going to proceed tomorrow onwards with my schedule schedule. Granted, it is going to be quite a curve; Going from a day of zero productivity academic-wise, although the entire week before this day was spent pumping out assignment essays for 3 classes. Polishing, editing, and basically finishing up with the non-exam parts of the courses I’m in, to 2 continuous weeks of relatively hard core studying, revising and practising (for Math) in order to attempt maximum performance at the final exams, which would be a very amazing thing. I’m in the most pivotal point of the semester, to be honest. At the end of a day of complete relaxation, and just getting ready for the coming days of preparation. That’s all I have, really. I think I’ll have better, more useful conversation to give you guys from tomorrow, since I’ll be more focused on study-stuff.

See you tomorrow!

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