Last day of all major classes

So today, I was in the last lecture of most of my classes for this semester. As we move through the next week, which is dead week (one week holiday for studying for finals) and then finally the finals week, we come to a close to the first semester of college. I don’t have much to say about the last day of classes, actually. It was a very wonderful day of professors wrapping up the entire course in their super epic monologues with monumental ramifications. I mostly speak of my American Studies professor from my “Minorities in a Majority Struggle”, who ended with a sort-of eulogy for both the Ferguson case as well as the Eric Garner case, more recently, and also gave us the case for repatriation in America. It was very objectively presented, and that is what I like most about his lectures. Being not American, forgive me for not enjoying or even participating in excessive American jingoism. So for me, watching a professor talk about very controversial topics and case studies in an objective analytical manner is very appealing. We still have a last meeting with all classes on the day of the final exam, so it isn’t over yet. However, I can say that learning stuff here has (not yet done, just one more lecture…) been an extremely rewarding experience. It has opened up my eyes to so many things I didn’t get to even think about in my younger days at school.

See you tomorrow.

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