A rather engaging story I forgot to narrate on the day it actually happened

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, even though I didn’t have anything going on over its duration, I managed to salvage one quotable incident. As you may know, my entire building was pretty much empty; There was just me and the inanimate objects surrounding me. Sometime on Saturday afternoon, I decided to go to the bathroom to have a quick and proper look at my own face in the large mirrors that dwell there. After it was all done, and I was just in front of my own room and about to pull out my key (apparently), it then immediately occurred to me that I didn’t take my room key with me when I left the room. This was the first time that it had ever happened to me and therefore I was quite shocked at my carelessness. I found myself unable to enter my own place of residence. I was locked out. (Overly dramatic, I know. But I really felt greatly for myself!) I then ran down to the main lounge area of my building, where the security monitor booth is also located (its sort of like a building reception, only more university-centred.) To my dismay and misfortune, there was absolutely no one there to help me. After all, everyone had left the dorm to go back to their families and celebrate Thanksgiving. There was a sign on the SM booth that had instructions to follow if you were locked out of your dorm, or the building; It had a couple of numbers to call depending on the time and day of the week. I looked for the appropriate number to call, and on finding it I reached down to my pockets to ostensibly pick up my phone. Turns out I had left my phone back in my room as well! I had no way out of this other than to wait it out till everyone came back later in the evening, or so it seemed. I imagined that there must be at least a few people left in the building, and that they would be smart enough to do laundry on the day where there was no queue. So I rushed to the laundry area, which is located on the same floor as the main lounge. To my delight, after 5 minutes of waiting there, someone showed up with a bag of laundry to get washed. Relief had finally made its way to my mind. I politely asked him if I could use his phone to call the residence hall services hotline to help me re-enter my room, and he didn’t mind at all. Within 10 minutes of my call, someone appeared in front of me with a master key that could open all the main doors. She opened up the SM booth and grabbed my room’s spare key, opened up my room, and on seeing my student ID card to confirm that it was actually my room, she was on her way and I was delightful as ever. At least I had something engaging to do over the Thanksgiving break other than the usual school work.

See you tomorrow

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