Return to the library

After a good break, as described before, I returned to the library for purposes of resuming my work. Through the vacation, I spent a great deal of time right here in my dorm room, and given the fact that literally everyone on my floor had gone to their families to celebrate Thanksgiving, I was able to find solace right in the dorm. My room was empty, the floor was empty, and all I had was the open window and the breeze playing around with my sometimes tired face when I spent time completing essays due the upcoming week. Now, after the gang has come back from eating their Turkeys, there is fun here again. But that comes at the cost of the short lived solace I was able to experience during the holiday. So I returned to the place of immortal silence:the library. I’ve already detailed my first experience there, so no need to tell you guys how it is to study in a library. The return was super effective! (A little Pokemon reference for you guys… ) within just 2 hours of sitting in isolation at a desk, I was able to write almost 4 pages total worth of essay assignments. Since finals will be upon us in more than 2 weeks, I hope that such effectiveness will return to me for my studying and reading abilities.
See you tomorrow!

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