The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale(No episode specific spoilers) & One more week of class

This first paragraph of this article discusses the mid season finale of the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ WITHOUT ANY SPOILERS FOR THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE, not anything as ‘bloggy’ as usual, so disregard if you don’t watch the Walking Dead. Second paragraph might have a bit (don’t know yet since I always write on the fly). The mid season finale is upon us (or the past tense of that, which I don’t know how to write properly). For a mid-season finale, it was a very satisfying episode. AMC’s production method of using a mid season finale and then resuming the show after Christmas break is used very effectively by the writers of the show as we are not left with at the closure after the end of the episode. I will say this, however: There is a very teasing post-credits scene that you do NOT want to miss! It probably foreshadows the next leg of the show as a whole. Without spoiling anything, a very dramatic event occurs in this episode. Although one may accept it as a sort of closure for a particular aspect of the show, the group is shown as completely lost. We don’t have any idea as to whether they will still pursue Washington as they once thought they would, or just about anything else. That’s what I love most about the whole mid-season finale thing; It closes one act of the season by some means, but leaves us to imagine what direction the group will take in the next leg of the season, since it cuts to black at the crux of the climactic reveal (Not the post credits scene). There is an episode 1 reference that occurs in the pre-intro scene that you definitely should look out for. That is all I will say about this episode. I can’t wait for what is in store for the next half of the season, since it is really clouded in mystery as to what the group’s next move will be!

This coming week is the last week of classes for this semester. Contrary to what I’m sure will be the common notion, it was quite a long semester. Thanks to a heavy and challenging but intriguing and interesting course load, I’ve had a wonderful time learning the things I have in my courses and completing the assignments. What I have loved most… Ok, I should probably save the whole ‘reflection’ write up for when I’m actually done with the semester. I still have 2 weeks after the last week of classes to go (one week of study time, and the last week is dedicated to the final exams, and then I’m done with my first semester of college!) Having said that, I’m super excited for the last week of class. Let’s see if I can do good on these last set of assignments as well.

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