A Basketball Game

I know what you are thinking, but it is not that. I did not go for an NBA game or something on those lines. Actually, I tagged along with my dad’s friend, who’s son had a game today. It was some sort of church’s team I believe, so before the game they thanked their Lord Jesus and all that. First funny thing for me: The person who proceeded to start things up for the day, the guy who led the prayer the was the prologue to the basketball game itself. He happened to be one of the coaches of the teams playing the match, so when the match begun, he happened to be the loudest, angriest, hardcore coach-type person on the field! First off, I’ve never seen people so invested in kid’s sports events (I am from India, so excuse me for lacking the American level of excitement and for being surprised on seeing it.), he was shouting even more than coaches on National level basketball shout! Second, he was the man who had just led the prayer for a “nice, clean game. Let Jesus our Lord guide these children to play…”. I just thought he would have more peace of mind for an apparently religious man. Oh, it wasn’t just him! The funnier part for me was the parents watching the game next to me in the stands. Of all the relentless screaming for their own children, cheering when their child does something as little as dribbles the ball, trying to give actual advice to them, the funniest was the latter. Parents were trying to give their children advice on a sport that they themselves ostensibly don’t really know much about. Most of them were probably going on that gut feeling, just continuously telling them “GO! GO! GO! SHOOT!”, without even considering for a moment that there are players other than their own child that exist, that also happen to be on the same team as their child, and are actually on the same basketball court as their own child! (Granted, my own parents may or may not have done this themselves when they would have come to see my stuff.) Some parents were really invested in the game, even slightly cursing the referee for making a decision that was against their child in any way, even when it was a very clear foul by them (which it was, every single time.) I guess the child-parent experience here is widely different than it is in India; than it was for myself back in the day… (I love how I’m old enough to say that, but young enough to not regret being able to say that! Just saying… I live in the moment, so I love the present!)

See you tomorrow!

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