Once again to the suburbs

Today, it being Thanksgiving and all, I decided to visit a family friend who lives in the suburbs. It was once again a very pleasant change from the college town, except for the fact that both the places had no people or cars around the place during Thanksgiving. Berkeley ‘shut down’ on Thursday and Friday; I couldn’t see the usual ocean of people walking around on those days. I couldn’t even see the traffic I’m accustomed to seeing on the usual school days. the difference is that the suburbs have no one on the streets all the time. There are only cars everywhere in the suburbs as as I can see, but the neighbourhoods are nice in my opinion. I got some time off to finish some work for next week and to get a break from the usual schedule of going between class and work and assignments. The best part of it all is just walking around the suburbs, amidst the complete solace and peace and absence of people anywhere (except the people in the cars), weird. Sitting in a room that is not my dorm room is both strange and slightly comforting, a refreshing change would be a better way of framing it. The ginormous malls are something I never come across in the town. All across the suburbs, one may find these really huge areas of land dedicated to malls and groups of shopping centres (often called hubs). What is most of the area dedicated to? No, not the malls themselves, but to car parking! The crazy supermarket parking lots are not a myth or a stereotype; It is a fact that all large malls have a great portion of their land dedicated to parking for the consumers. This is because to be defined as a consumer by them, you must be the owner of a car; Something which is a relatively easy title to gain in USA, unlike in India (different standards and costs of living, I know. I haven’t got into an Econ class this semester, but I know some stuff, and I will get into one next semester.) The best part of all this consumerism that I found recently is Apple Pay. Yes, it is a great way to do your thing at your huge malls (even though it hasn’t not been tried before, I am actually a fan of it as an iPhone user). But the whole point of it all is to make the process of spending your money easier and funner! There isn’t much in the realm of making money an easier process in itself: But spending money? Hell, we’ll let you do it from your damn watch! (When Apple Watch comes out next year). I am an Apple fan (not fanboy), but what I talk about here is the whole point of making the flow of money into the company’s pockets an easier and funner task! Thereby making it an actual incentive (arguably) to spend more money than you should! (Because who wouldn’t want to spend money by tapping your iPhone or Watch onto something and letting in scan your finger tip, I mean, isn’t that cool!)

<sigh>, that got off topic fast. See you tomorrow!

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