Everyone and Everything is Gone! (Thanksgiving)

As the week comes to an early close due to Thanksgiving, a huge majority of people from my dorm have gone back home to spend the extended weekend with their families. As an international student, that is obviously not a viable option. (I will go back in December, however) So it was quite weird seeing how the streets tonight were completely empty! Usually, I would expect to see a bunch of people walking around finding a place to eat at, or finding a frat party; I honestly thought the frats would go crazy since it was going to be a holiday! Even THEY are closed on the day before the Thanksgiving vacation starts. My roommate has also gone back home to spend time with his family, so I have the entire room to myself for the next 4 days. It was a really surprising thing to find all the streets empty by nightfall; No cars, no shops open, and most shocking: no people walking on the pavements. Just an observation I thought should be noted. I plan to spend this much-needed time off from class by both completing some of the final assignments for classes and by visiting some family friends who are close by. 4 days of undisturbed time is an extravagant amount of time; an asset that I plan to exploit as much as I can to get all the final required assignments done for all this semester’s classes and to start my preparations for the final exams that are in about 3 weeks. I’m quite almost done with my first semester of college! It has, contrary to popular belief, actually been a very long semester. Time did not fly by as most people say it does. That is probably because I am more of a live in the moment kind of person, and that helps in savouring all the moments you are in. Obviously, this weekend also calls for a bit of time off; So I plan to spend the day studying and completing essays and so on, and in the evening I would very much like to get back to Netflix and some movie nights by myself. I prefer watching movies and TV by myself rather with a bunch of people because I love concentrating on what i am watching and immerse myself into the world of what I am watching. Not a particularly plausible scenario with people alongside you.

See you tomorrow! And to all who celebrate Thanksgiving (It is a foreign concept to me, naturally), have a happy Thanksgiving!

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