Another funny thing that took me back home

Today I’ll divert from my recent trend on discussing and opining on controversial topics and get back to my life. Although my true religious belief is agnosticism (we don’t know enough to decide), I am born a Hindu. Personally, I think it is a nice thing to have some sort of belief system. So I take part in most religious functions that occur in my home without any hesitation; I believe it is a healthy thing, regardless of whether you believe in God or in your God’s existence or don’t, to be in a system that has practices and rites and those sort of thing. They have the ability to discipline one, as it partially did me. Anyway, basically I was walking back to my dorm after a tiring day of class and a not so short shift at work and I saw this man hitting some sort of miniature bells together and chanting something. At the time of noticing this, I was too far away to discern the actual words coming from his mouth, so I naturally thought he was just like that screaming, raging probably-homeless guy I saw a few weeks ago. Yet, as I continued to venture forth towards him, as was my path back home, I noticed that he was chanting “Haré Krishna, Haré Rám” repeatedly, just as Hindu’s often do in prayer! I was both surprised and happy that something from back home yet again had found its way to me. Happy because of the aforementioned reason, surprised because it was a white man! This shouldn’t come off as racist, this has nothing to do with that; Its just that I have never seen a Hindu white person before, ever! Forget India, where white people hardly exist; Here in USA, where Christianity is the most popular religion, there was a white male with a náámam (Mark Vaishnavites put on their forehead), quite breathlessly and crazily chanting in praise of Hindu Gods! First off, I can’t say for sure whether he was actually a Hindu, or if he was appropriating Hinduism for some reason. He didn’t seem to be in a sane state. This I can say with a fairly decent amount of certainty, because an hour or so later when I had come back that same path to get some food, the man was still there doing the very same thing I saw him doing before, and this time he was rather unruly. He was very loudly chanting the same thing as before at people, and using the mini-bells (that are actually used during bhajans and chanting often) harshly. His clothes were torn and ragged, so it is quite plausible that he was a homeless man. I didn’t mind it at all actually, probably because of how it was both funny and pleasantly home-drawing the whole incident was. People walked past him, probably not knowing what he was actually doing or saying. Well, it was an incident worth remembering.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. It IS important to have a belief system. Well said!

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