Another sad day politically

The title actually goes two-fold:One for the recent decision by a Missouri Grand Jury to not indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown by his firearm, and the recent vote by the UC regents to increase tuition costs by 5% annually for the next 5 years! First off, the indictment, or well, the lack off said indictment. The Grand Jury was debating whether they could charge the officer in question with any of 5 accounts; All ranging from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder, or even all of them. First off, I don’t know how ‘Involuntary’ came in the picture. Involuntary manslaughter is defined to be the unintentional killing of another human being. How an officer in Wilson’s position would unintentionally kill an unarmed teenager with a gun really beats me. If that was truly the case, either his gun magically fired upon Michael Brown by itself, or he was holding Michael Brown at gunpoint, an arguably justifiable action of his, and his gun somehow ‘misbehaved’. This may come off as naive, but is it possible for a police officer, who is trained in the use of his/her firearm and is aiming his/her firearm right at someone, to kill that person unintentionally? Anyway, that’s what I found questionable. There may have been holes in my argument, please tell me if I got anything wrong in the comments. Now, the grand jury has declared that it will not indict the police officer for ANY of the 5 charges that were considered. So, in the eyes of the justice department, the officer was justified in firing upon an unarmed teenager (who the conservatives will say just HAPPENED to be an African American, and this was not a race based thing. Even though on average 2-3 African Americans are killed every week by white cops.) Well, they must’ve found some compelling evidence that went in favour of Mr.Wilson’s case

Second, the UC Regents vote that went in favour of raising the tuition price for college by 5% annually for the next 5 YEARS! Effectively, in 2020, the cost of a higher education is going to be 25% costlier than it is now! The very first thing that supports the opposite of this craziness is that we are a group of public universities. The UC motto was “an affordable, accessible education for all” (not exactly those words, but something on very similar lines), so apparently increasing the tuition is somehow going to be a step towards that goal of the UC system. There were huge protests across the UC’s, here at Berkeley we had a sit in at major building, a protest march (with a VERY impressive turnout!) Full disclosure:I didn’t stay with the march as long as I should have, but I wish I didn’t have stuff to do. Unfortunately, as an international student, the increase as a percentage of the total cost is less than for an in-state because the non-resident ‘supplemental’ tuition as they call it is fixed and is actually a comparable amount to the tuition price itself. However, it isn’t written in stone yet. The next step for the evil overlords is to have a Board meeting-type-thing and get it formally passed with some more bureaucratic processes. I hope I get cheap accommodation next year, a better paying job next semester hopefully, and a really good scholarship for my GPA this semester, which I hope will be as I expect, a decent one. Good news is that our near and dead Governor Jerry Brown is with us on this, but he’s up against a fellow democrat and current UC-president Janet Napolitano. Google her for her evil resume, you’ll get scared.

See you tomorrow!

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