Capitalism is Everywhere

That should be a no-brainer for most fields, but I wanted to write about this because I went to a restaurant today afternoon and it wasn’t like I thought it should be. The most striking part for me was that this was an Indian restaurant I was at, my own food (If I may be entitled to that claim for being Indian.) I’ve eaten the food from this restaurant before, but only take-out. Most of the time I find myself rushing back to my dorm from work, and the restaurant is right on the way back, so I order some take-out a couple of times to try to get back to the way it used to be; its usually Pizza, Salad, Pasta, Pancakes and other stuff that didn’t used to be a major part of my diet back home. But now it is, so I try to get some Indian food when I can. Today, however, I found myself in the extraordinary position of having enough time to actually sit down at the restaurant and eat my food there. It was a very nice break from the monotonous, endless running to and fro. I ordered what I usually ate, so no surprises there, I sat down at one of the tables that was somewhat centred relative to the shape of the restaurant, so I could see almost all the parts of the place. Now, back home, when I used to eat with my family in places, they used to treat the customers as actual guests and have as many services as possible to cater to every need of the place. There would be people who would take the dishes off your table once you were done with eating, there were waiters who would come to your table and take your order. And make no mistake; I do not speak of the high and fancy restaurants, I am talking about the Udupi restaurants (I don’t know the English translation, but take it to be the restaurants where ALL people eat. The food is the best in these places, and the pricing is just ok, it is getting a bit expensive as the days go by, but its still worth it in my opinion.). First off, I was supposed to order my food at the counter. I thought that was just for when I wanted to order something for take out. I’m not complaining here! Do not mistake me for some high-brow elite who wants everything done for him. I’m actually all for this since it is what I’m used to, and you get an actual bill, another thing I’m obsessed with. I’m just noting things for now, stay with me. So I did that, then I went to my table. The food was served, didn’t have to go back and collect it from the counter. After I was done eating, I noticed that there was a bucket where we were supposed to go and place the used plates, as well as one of those cup containers that is used for dish washing. It was like I was at my mess hall, only this time I was apparently at a restaurant; And it was NOT cheap, this place. (compared to the value of the buffet thing I have at the dining halls). It was basically so that they didn’t have to hire waiters or dish-collectors. It was a crude way of reducing costs, by making the customer do all of the work, save for cooking the meal itself. Yes, capitalism at its finest.

See you tomorrow.

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