Craving the end of the weekend

I’m not really from around here, so you’ll have to excuse me for not liking the way you celebrate your sport game days. If you want context on that, read my previous blog post. Basically, the weird environment coupled with a complete absence of work has left me with nothing to do. Yes, I am starting on working on the final exams, I also started work on some essays due in about 2 weeks, but no real homework has hit me this weekend. The whole game day really gets to some people’s heads and crazy stuff happens often, it isn’t something we have back home. I actually am excited for next week to start, so that I’ll have new substance to digest in my brain. I’ll probably go to the library and work some more on the essays that are due later on, to get work going around. Absence of work does leave my mind kind of blank, because I’m not a huge fan of restudying the already learnt material from last week. However, we’ll see how this weekend goes.

I know you might feel that this blog is kind of inconsistent in the way it muddles between personal on-going a in my head and somewhat intellectual discussion that happens. It’s just how i write; I don’t plan this on a long term scale. I just sit down? Think about my day, and write about what stuck the most. I hope you understand.
See you tomorrow!

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