Immigration Reform! (Partial)

Not that American politics actually affects my life directly, but reading up and knowing about the politics that goes on in the region one lives in is, in my opinion, very crucial in being a socially active person who could possibly educate and help society. Anyway: Obama came out last night, with his good old walk to the stand that he started with his Osama-death announcement back in May 2011, and told the U.S. people that undocumented workers with sons or daughters in the U.S. would be granted temporary stay and hoped that this would pave the way for Congress to pass full immigration reform legislation later on when both the House and the Senate become red. (red is the colour associated with the G.O.P. aka the Republican Party.) The announcement had some parts that were a bit problematic in my opinion, but on the whole it was a very meaningful and powerful move as well as an excellent political move that really put the ball in the incoming Republican’s court. The problematic parts: He excessively called upon Christianity to refer to people who were American; He invoked the ‘Scriptures’, and ‘Church’ to say that these people were just like Americans. Another major point of concern was that he begun the announcement with some statistics about how the border on the south was being tightened and that they were getting harsher on border crossers, who he asserted were ‘criminals who were trying to cut the line’, not the mothers, fathers and sons who just want to come to America to change their lives or economic status. One Texas Senator by the name of Tom Coburn went to the terrible extent of stating that “you could see violence” and that “the country’s going to go nuts”. It was almost an outright call for violence against Obama’s move, which many Republicans unjustly and wrongly called it unconstitutional. Obama even challenged Congress to pass legislation on immigration reform that was better than his executive order; That really put the ball in their court. I await the Republican’s response when they take over the House and Senate next year, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic, for they are Republican…

See you tomorrow!

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