Newly learned text referenced in recent Walking Dead episode!

In my English Reading and Composition class, we are dealing with John Milton’s epic poem, Samson Agonistes. It is a tragic poem (Not an adjective, but a classification or a type of poem.) and is one that has been the subject of great detailed study by English scholars around the world. Technically speaking, I qualify as a scholar in training; I’ll settle for the next title in time. If you have read this poem, you’ll love to hear what I have yet to say. In the episode before the most recently released episode of The Walking Dead Season 5, the character Eugene actually references Samson Agonistes! There may have been references to Renaissance era literature before in this show that I may not have noticed, but the episode’s release date was exactly after the week in which we had begun discussing Samson Agonistes in detail. After a long week of making cases and arguing for Samson’s motives and sources of power and all that, (and other course material, of course) it was Sunday evening (well, Saturday before that, but stay with me.) and I was super pumped to get back to The Walking Dead with this upcoming episode. And right in the pre-title sequence scene, there was the Samson Agonistes reference!! I was obviously excited and proud about the fact that I was able to recognise that reference. When I revealed this to my English instructor, he was pleasantly surprised. He was happy to know that TV was still able to recognise the epics of the old even to this date. He went on to tell me how it was intriguing that all people who watch TV or movies are people with almost any major, or even never went to college, but nearly all the people who write these shows and movies are English majors from college. I know what you’re thinking, and no:I’m not thinking about majoring in English. Although it would be a very nice thing for me, I would very much love to study it and read a lot (a habit my parents will be very happy to know that I am regaining after a very long dry spell). I love a lot of different fields, but my major cannot be all of my hobbies. I want to know as much stuff as I can, but that doesn’t mean that it has translate into a degree on those subjects. At least that’s how I feel.

See you tomorrow.

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