The irony in the rallies.

So today there were a bunch of rallies all around Sproul plaza. That is the main entrance path to the university I attend. Some context first: there is a football game (not soccer) coming up between Cal and Stanford. And there is a possibility that tuition rates are going to be hiked after the university regents meet up this week. Here we go: two rallies I saw on my way to class. One was a tree chopping rally. Yes, a tree chopping rally, not an anti tree chopping rally. They were literally chopping pieces of wood in front of the crowd and everyone was raged up and cheering on. A little further was a relatively smaller rally that called for the university regents to attain complete divestment from fossil fuels. On top of it all, there was the big game rally. The irony here is that not only is Stanford doing much better in football than Cal, but also Stanford has, even with a much larger endowment, managed to completely divest in coal. So there was that rally going on. But the big thing was the whole tree chopping rally which I, for quite some time, mistook for some sort of deep satire or irony. I don’t know what was the real motive or thing they were trying to support by chopping up wood amidst a cheering crowd. Full disclosure: I did not know until recently that university boards actually invested their endowments in industries, let alone the most evil ones: coal, petroleum and the likes.
See you tomorrow.

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