A new board game I played

This weekend has been a most engaging one, even though technically it may not count as a productive one. Some friends came over to our room and they pulled out this board game I’d never heard of before: Risk. Apparently it is super popular over here, and I only wish that I’d heard of it before now that I’ve played it and love it. To me it seemed like a physical version of Sid Meier’s Civilization series. Both of these were equal in complexity and strategy requirements, and Risk was super fun to play. Its basically about conquering the most no. of territories on a World Map as you can. There are, of course, a lot of rules and things you have to abide by which make it a very interesting game in my opinion. Apparently there is a way to combine that game with another strategy game called Catan, which I don’t know how to play anyway. But I do look forward to learning that game as well, and the combination of the two however it works. A major factor that contributes to the fun factor of the game is that there are a large number of people playing at the same time. When you have many friends around you all involved in the same strategy board game, it is amazingly stimulating for the mind and fun. At-least for me.

See you tomorrow. I do realise that I haven’t been posting regularly the past few days. That has been due to the fun weekend I’ve been having doing the aforementioned activities. I’ll be regular from now on since the weekend has ended and I’m back on proper schedule. More so, even during fun weekends, with my new phone I’ll be able to blog from it with even more ease.

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