Switched to an iPhone 6 today

I finally received my iPhone 6 today. i had ordered it more than 2 weeks ago, it was outsold in all retail locations, so I went to a carrier store, not an Apple Store, and ordered exactly what model I wanted. Obviously the wait was stressful on me, due to my excessive anticipation of the new phone. But after it all, I finally went to the store, picked it up, ported my current phone number to it, and I was all set. It is a remarkably light device. That fact is the very first thing that strikes the moment you hold it. The Apple cases are also quite decent. They don’t add too much length to any of the dimensions, and they feel great to hold. But I’d protection is what you are looking for, then other 3rd party apps should serve that purpose better. iOS 8 is a very functional, fluid and user friendly mobile operating system. It is a matter of personal preference, granted, but my preference being usability over ‘customizability’, I do like this device. It interacts very well with my laptop:both being from the same manufacturer. Haven’t tried Apple Pay yet, looking forward to that. I do hope it is as simple as they portray it to be. In fact, this blog was written in its entirety on the WordPress app for iOS. It is looking good…

See you tomorrow.

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