Looking Back (Don’t)

The title is two-fold, first:I was looking back at the some the short clips/travelogues I had shot with my high school friends back when we had gone for a 3 day trip to Coorg, and some other school related videos I had directed. It was a great thing. Second: I was looking back to The Walking Dead Season 4’s Mid Season Finale. NO SPOILERS HERE, don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. The former happened first. I was just contemplating how fun it was going to be when I went back home for the winter break and met with all my old school friends and all that. On my desktop I have a folder named “My Creations” in which all the videos I’ve ever made during my school career are contained. In it was the travelogue for our outing, some animation stuff we had done for our Annual Project day, and some really gnarly random chase sequences we filmed on school (without anyone knowing, obviously; that’s what made it even more intense to do.) The travelogue was the most reminiscent thing to look at. It was the recording of all of us having one hell of a time together trekking, sitting around, pranking one particular person.(My friends who might read this must recall this). I am not one for nostalgia, but I was happy that we had a wonderful time together. Not, as most people expect, crying over the end of the ‘good old days’ as some would. It was a great thing to look back, and I am now very excited and eager to meet all of them when I get back in December.

It was after all that reminiscing that, for some reason, I remembered the ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 mid-season climax. I won’t describe it since you’ve either seen it or you haven’t and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you(but seriously, you should get to season 5 fast!). But at the end of it all, Rick and Carl are walking away from the scene and Rick says to Carl “Don’t look back, Carl. Just keep moving”. That is exactly what I always feel about life itself. The great part about that scene is that it is shot at the very same angle at which Rick came across the place in the beginning of season 3. (That is what full circle IS. Hail to The Walking Dead cinematographers). A stark contrast to what I did, (i.e. look back) but obviously the circumstances were different. It appealed to my own set of ethics. Don’t look back, keep moving forward; I’ll keep that in mind, Rick.

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