The Walking Dead S5E5(SPOILERS) & A Weird Upcoming Week(NO SPOILERS)

Warning: The Walking Dead Season 5 MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Avoid the first paragraph to avoid the spoilers.

So, it looks like what we thought was going to happen this season really isn’t. It looks like Eugene was just bluffing about his big secret classified-save-the-world plan just to survive. Well, to be honest, I knew that the world wasn’t going to be saved this season because they had renewed The Walking Dead for a sixth season; surely that will not be about adapting to the re-civilised world:It is the Walking Dead after all. This episode was one of the most character-explorative and developing of the entire season, mostly because it told us about the newest characters who had just been added towards the end of season 4. I really don’t know what is going to happen to Eugene now that everyone in the group sees him as quite valueless-whether Rick’s group will catch up and find out about this shocking revelation-and what would Rick do on hearing this? Man, this reveal was completely unexpected. The title ‘Self Help’ has multi-layered meanings too!

As easy as it is to regard The Walking Dead as just a post apocalyptic zombie series, if you spend a little time with it you will be taken on a journey with the characters and explore them deeply and their changes as they explore the post-apocalyptic world.

We have a holiday this Tuesday (Veteran’s Day is what they call it.) That makes it super weird. Monday-class, Tuesday no class, and then class for the rest of the week. The off-hand break is super weird and I don’t know how I’ll go about spending that day. I guess, in the words of Drake Bell, I’ll have “found a way.”

See you tomorrow!

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