Interstellar – The Cinematic Experience of a Lifetime

I went for a screening of Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar. More specifically, I had the privilege/opportunity to watch it in 70MM IMAX. It was not the digital print most of are used to seeing, it wasn’t even IMAX digital, it was actual film! The screen itself was GIGANTIC. They even had a 2 minute demonstration of its speaker placement, resolution capabilities and stuff like that. It is important to note that Nolan used 70MM film in the places where he couldn’t shoot a scene with an IMAX camera. 70MM film is VERY large film, about 15 perforations per frame. So that itself made the experience of watching Nolan’s latest expedition a grand one. For me, this was Nolan’s masterpiece of a cinematic experience. It was beyond a visual and audial treat; It was a journey that took us, the audience, along as well. The very solid screenplay by Jonathan and Chris Nolan, the just-beautiful music by Hans Zimmer, the perfection of the cinematography of Hoyte Van Hoytema and of course, the masterful, kinetic directing of Chris Nolan, all drive this movie to what it is: A true cinematic experience. Beyond the plot, Nolan also has made sure to stay within scientific realism as much as possible. We rarely see movies that are grounded in science as is this one. Relativity, quantum theory, all of it was a bunch of tools which helped tell the story of Interstellar in a truly stellar fashion (not the best word repetition thing, right?) Very passionate and remarkable job done by the cast. Ms. Hathaway did stand out for me. I hadn’t seen her in some time in a film, as does Mr. McConaughey, who truly puts the passionate’ in the aforementioned description. Really monumental work in the art of cinema, I came out of the theatre quite moved by the journey that I had just been on. One does not even need to comment on graphics in talking about a movie of such a grand budget. Hats off to you, Mr. Nolan. I really admire your work in this feature. This is your cinematic masterpiece.

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