A Game of Guitaring and A Futuristic vehicle I actually witnessed

Me and my roommate have the privilege and luck to be in what seems to be the largest room on the floor. It is mostly so because we are in a double, whereas everyone else is in triple occupancies of the same floor area as our room. So this evening, many of them swung by and admired our legendary room. It was then decided that it would become the de-facto hangout spot, other than the actual floor lounge that exited for that very purpose. A couple of them noticed the electric guitar standing majestically on its stand in the corner of the room, and asked that I ‘break it out’. So I played it for a bit, and then we did a very interesting thing: we passed around the guitar and allowed the holder of it to play whatever they wanted for a specific amount of time (I guess about a minute.), and then pass it on to the next person, regardless of how much experience one had in handling a guitar (i.e. even if it was zilch). While it was obviously the funniest thing to hear the tunes of the most inexperienced people in the room (the first time they had ever laid hands on a 6 string), it was an amazing experience for me to listen to the people in the room who had more experience than me play the guitar. I was able to notice the way they held and fretted the guitar; it was that of a long time guitar player. A hold I aspire to achieve in, maybe, a few years. I was handed a few good pieces of advice in the process, and of course we played some songs and had a good time as well. Good times.

While walking towards my dorm, I noticed a man speeding on a road while he was standing in some sort of contraption whose street legality I seriously questioned at the time. The most accurate description I can provide of it, based on my limited viewing of it, is that it looked like a baby’s tricycle had been reversed and now there was a man standing on its seat (a wider seat, obviously) and controlling its movements via electronics. An even better description, arguably, is that it was exactly like an electric wheelchair, but the permanent position of the user was standing up instead of sitting down. I’d never seen such a thing before and it therefore surprised me for a bit. Yet another thing I’ve witnessed in America that I didn’t understand at first; Just like most of the things.

See you tomorrow!!

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