Gifted an Electric Guitar!

I forgot to write about this earlier; This happened over the last weekend. I was visiting a family friend with my dad, and we had a great time recalling the good old days and foreshadowing the future (mine as well. That was the crux of this part of our talk) among other things. In the course of the talks, he asked if I was into any music. I ventured forth about my pursuit of guitar-excellence and possible song writing (in the future, when I don’t have to worry about mid terms and papers as much as I do now). It so happened that he had with him a spare electric guitar that he was not using anymore. He first connected it and asked me to play it for a bit. I, in my usual showman self, played decently for 10 minutes some chord progressions. At the end of it all, he was rather impressed. He then offered to donate the very same guitar to me for nothing whatsoever; Just for the fact that I was decent at playing the guitar and was therefore worthy of it (Probably, I’m not sure). I was super happy but overburdened with a sudden feeling of overburden. ‘Was this guitar of significance to him?’ ‘Is he serious?’ were the questions in my head at the time. He confessed that he hadn’t been using that electric for quite a while, as he’d developed more affinity towards acoustic guitars and could therefore give that electric guitar to me. I was super excited! I had been asking my dad to buy me an electric guitar for over 2 years, and now, without spending a single paisa (or cent, preferably the former since I had asked for an electric guitar when I was in India.), I had inherited an electric guitar. He even threw in his amp with the deal, to make it easier for me to start ‘rockin’ it. I’m enjoying my new instrument quite a lot, and I hope I’ll be able to live up to the original owner’s expectations.

See you tomorrow!

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