Raging Homeless man

While walking back to my dorm, while crossing the street specifically, the crowd beheld a screaming homeless man who was crossing the street along with everyone else. It was quite a spectacle to watch, although I do wonder, in hindsight, what caused the man to act in such a fashion (not that I am calling him aside for it, I’m asking what caused his actions, not trying to bring in the whole ‘not socially acceptable behaviour’ stuff). Anyway, the walk sign was red (we can’t cross), so while we were waiting on the edge of the crossing, the man in question just walked from some corner and began a loud, enraged rant whose language I wasn’t able to contemplate. To give you some sort of imagery using inappropriate stereotypes, imagine a veteran military gruff sort of guy, only near-completely manic and unshaven and shabbily clothed (that’s where I deduced ‘homeless’ from). The irony of it all was, while he was manically shouting against something, he was still waiting for the crossing light to flash white (we can cross the road then). Till that point, I feared that he, in his rage, would just go onto the road and get run over. But something kept him on the right side of the law and the right side of life (alive). I don’t know how, but it did happen. He continued his rant through the light change and while walking across. He then proceeded straight to a garbage bin on the pavement, which he promptly overturned and spilled all of its contents onto the pavement, and continued. I was off towards my dorm by then, so I can’t speculate as to whether he continued for even further or if he stopped. But it was a crazy, fun experience to see one enraged man have it out at society by breaking the norms. Half of me commended me for his courage to break the status quo, but the other half was asking whether he was intoxicated/inebriated and was thus not directly responsible for his display. Basically: College is a weird, all-inclusive experience. I love it

See you tomorrow!

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